The Future of Telecoms

How will the future of telecoms look like with 5G on its way? And is the industry ready for the change? We had a look and found some interesting outlooks on the times ahead.

With 5G entering the field we can expect a lot of changes. We already touched upon that here.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used in telecommunications. With the advantage of 5G we can expect a lot of changes in the industries.

In the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, organisations and industries have had to change how they work to ensure business still works smoothly. This largely by embracing remote work. This, of course, comes with its own challenges. With the overall successful change it is likely many industries will continue with either a flexible remote or fully remote work. To support remote workers cloud-based telecom all providers need to change their approach and introduce easier ways to communicate internally in different businesses. Some features such as activity tracking, call monitoring and real time dashboards could be the norm for many workers.

We can also expect payments to be done more frequently going forward. A recent study showed that 49% of people asked would grab their phone over their wallet when leaving the house quickly, and 61% would rather use their phone than ask strangers for directions. This is an indication of the times changing. Telecom companies have a challenge to support this, collaborating with biometric companies to make it happen seamlessly.

Virtual and augmented reality and self driving cars might seem as something out of a movie. It is however already in the works with Tesla being a front runner. The medical and construction industry are already working on remote work making previously impossible tasks possible.

So, are we ready for it?

In short, yes. There will of course always be challenges. However, with thorough planning we can continue looking forward to new technology being released and invented.

We are excited to see where it takes us and will continue to support the industry like we’ve done for over 30 years. If you need help with any of your projects feel free to call us on 01702 443800 and our team will assist you.