FTTx Cabinet Solutions:

FTTx, or Fibre to the x, is a blanket term for any broadband network architecture that uses optical fibre to replace all, or parts of, the common metal local loop for last mile telecommunications. The term FTTx is a generalisation of various configuration of fibre deployment such as FTTP/FTTB/FTTH and FTTC/FTTN. The ‘x’ in FTTx gets substituted for another letter that is determined by the architecture it refers to. It will vary in regards of distance between the fibre and the end user.

What letters are most commonly replacing the x?

The most common letters are P, H, B, C and N. They stand for:

  • FTTP – fibre to the premises
  • FTTH – fibre to the house
  • FTTB – fibre to the business- building- basement
  • FTTC – fibre to the cabinet- curb
  • FTTN – fibre to the node

Fully integrated IP65 cabinet

  • FTTP and FTTH uses pure optical fibre that goes all the way to your home or premises. Having fibre means the connection is quicker than traditional cable. However, it does tend to be more expensive.
  • FTTC, FTTB and FTTN uses both traditional copper wire cables and optical fibre and goes to a cabinet. You often see these cabinets on the streets and roads. These have mainly or purely copper on the ends.

Why choose us?

Mainframe Communications design, manufacture and supply high-quality FTTx cabinet solutions specifically made for telecom, datacomms, railway, defence and energy sectors. With over 30 years in the industry we have extensive experience with different FTTx solutions, working with small to large companies across the globe.

Our innovative cabinet solutions are designed in-house by our experienced design team. At Mainframe we use the latest software and 3D modelling in our design process, and our cabinets are manufactured or supplied by our expert engineer team.

Our external outdoor cabinets meet and exceed the industry requirements, and our IP Rated cabinets are available both off-the-shelf and as bespoke FTTx cabinet solutions.

Contact us on 01702 443800 and talk with our sales team for any enquiries.