Fibre Connectivity

With much of the worlds telecoms connected with fibre optic cable, Mainframe are best placed to help you with your infrastructure needs.

Fibre Patch Leads

We stock large quantities of fibre patch leads – also known as fibre patch cords or fibre patch cables.

  • OS1, OS2, OM1, OM2 or OM.
  • Define your requirements by length.
  • From short 15cm fibre patch lead right through to 100m in duplex or simplex fibre optic cable options.
  • LUL Approved Standard 2-01001-002 Fire Safety Performance of Materials.
  • Armoured Fibre Patch Lead, rodent resistant optical fibre patch lead with a stainless steel wrap, reinforced with Kevlar and an additional steel braided layer.
  • Not only do we stock over 75,000 pre-made fibre patch cables, but we can build almost any custom made fibre optic patch cable assembly.
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Fibre Cable

With both single-mode and multimode Fibre cable available from stock,
Mainframe are sure to have the right cable you need for your project.

  • Fibre cable with varying build type and fibre core counts.
  • For internal and external usage.
  • Steel Tape Armouring for maximum rodent protection.
  • Compact design with excellent strength and crush performance.
  • Section 12 approved cables for the London Underground.
  • Our cables can be cut to the length you need.
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Fibre Cable Management

Mainframe offer a huge range of high quality fibre cable management products.

  • 1U 19″ rack mount optic fibre patch panel.
  • DIN Rail Mounted Patch Panels provide.
  • IP rated Optical Fibre Splice Dome Enclosure and Inline Splice Enclosures range.
  • Wall mountable distribution boxes are designed to offer tidy and flexible termination and distribution solutions.
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Fibre Cable ODF’s (Optical Distribution Frame)

Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs) can be an integrated component in any fibre management system to handle termination and cross-connection of cables.

  • Available as rack-mounted units for 19 inch or ETSI racks.
  • Presented in a range of configurations depending on application.
  • Pre-terminated ODF with included cables.
  • Air Blown Fibre and micro-duct installation options.
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Fibre Accessories

We offer an extensive range of fibre products to compliment your project requirements.

  • Compact 24 way Fibre Splice Bridge holder which provides an effective means to store up to 24 Fusion Splice Protectors.
  • Single mode & Multimode Fibre Optic Bulkhead inline Adaptors.
  • Flexible duct system for the protection of fibre optic cables.
  • An ideal kit for cleaning fibre optic connector end faces on patch cords, patch leads and inside adaptors.
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