Telecom & Data Comms

We have been a supplier to the UK Fibre Industry since the inception of fibre telecommunications in the 1980’s.

Mainframe Communications – Telecom & Data Comms

Communication technology is developing rapidly as more and more people exchange data, both from their home and while travelling. Mobile data terminal equipment like smartphones have caused a dramatic increase in the amount of data traffic and new mobile telecommunication standards and more widespread optical fibre networks connecting users are the solution to this.

Mainframe Communications Ltd make a significant contribution to the expansion and development of the global mobile communications, fixed network and data centre infrastructure. High-quality components and customer-specific solutions guarantee perfectly functioning connections – whether optical or wireless.

With more than 30 years of experience leading connectivity innovation for fibre optic cabling and connectivity solutions our range of cable solutions are used in a variety of applications, and are suited for small or large, complex data centres and telecommunication centres. Our fibre infrastructure products, cable assemblies, rack builds, patching system and server cabinets for the data centre or telecom environment are designed and manufactured in the UK and combined with product range from leading copper infrastructure manufacture Brand-Rex we can supply your projects with ease.

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