Cyber Secure Cabinets and Bespoke Solutions.

A recent report that came out in May 2020 showed that up to 88% of UK companies have had security breaches in 2019, with many  businesses losing customers after the breach. With the increase of global cyber-attacks it has been highlighted how important it is to have a secure network. The demand for better online and offline security is also increasing, and looking for new ways of innovating security is an continuous job that stretches over all sectors.

Businesses such as healthcare facilities, education, railway, financial, data centres and governments alike, should consider having physical security for their server rooms including secure locks as well as good online security. There are benefits of adding physical security to your business outside since they too are vulnerable for attacks.

Network secured solutions illustration of connected technlogyThe importance of physical security.

To safe guarding your server rooms it is important that server racks and data racks are lockable. Rack mounted equipment is much harder to steal than some other tower systems, and they can easily be locked into closed racks. The cabinets or racks can then be bolted to the floor, making them practically impossible to move or steal.

Other physical security measures such as anti-vandalism cabinets are smart to use as housing for sensitive electronic equipment that often are used by railway and other construction areas concerning infrastructure. They are harder to break into and are often bolted to the ground on top of a concrete foundation.

Mainframe Communications Solutions:

Mainframe Communications have decades of experience with telecoms and datacomms, and are constantly looking for new ways to innovate and improve on our range of cyber secure cabinets. We have worked with defence and railway security as well at internet providers to assist in securing sensitive and important equipment, and have a wide experience in each sector.

We offer a wide range of bespoke solutions specifically made after specifications;

  • Cyber Security Cabinets
  • Security Enclosures
  • Security Racks
  • Highly Secure Enclosure Locking Solutions
  • Anti-vandalism Cabinets

On top of this we offer a wide range of optical cables that help keeping information safe from prying eyes. This includes armoured cables which can also play an important role as well as they are by design harder to break and manipulate versus unarmoured cables.

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