You might have heard or seen the term ‘Internet of things’ (or IoT) around lately, but what is it exactly?


The concept of IoT means to connect any physical device – ‘things’- with sensors, software and other technologies over the internet. There they exchanges data with other devices and systems. In short – the devices ‘talk’ with each other.

The idea of devices talking with other devices was discussed in 1982 when a Coca-Cola vending machine was modified to report back on how many drinks were available. The term ‘Internet of things’ however, originated in 1999.

Illustration of networks connected to a cloud

What do we use IoT for?

When thinking of through consumer eyes we usually think of things such as smart homes, wearable technology and connected vehicles. This is however an only small part of what IoT can do. IoT is already widely used in industrial, organisational, infrastructure and military applications, and product digitisation. It is even prevalent in space! Within each of the sectors IoT plays a big factor on effectiveness and productivity.

Some examples on IoT use today:

  • Wearable technology such as Apple Watch and Fitbit share, or ‘talk’ with your phone.
  • Driverless cars and trucks such as taxies or transport trucks.
  • Devices that connects patients to their doctors for proactive early heart failure detection.
  • Sensors measuring and monitoring soil levels to gain insights to irrigation systems efficiency.
  • Sensors providing real time data about temperature in the automobile industry.
  • Everywhere high-speed internet access.

IoT has been around for a long time already. It has integrated into or day to day lives so effortlessly we only really notice it when something is not working. With 5G on the horizon we will see more ‘things’ added to the list. We will be able to expand our limitations due to the increase in speed and stability, and with faster and stabile internet connection we are looking at less drop in connectivity. This opens for a wide range of opportunities for a more integrated society and better communication and connectivity.


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