Mainframe have been supplying product into the energy sector and particular the wind industry for over 20 years.

Mainframe Communications – Energy

The energy sector has experienced a drastic increase in interest and demand of more natural energy sources such as solar power, wind farms, nuclear and gas over the last decade, and Mainframe Communications Ltd are keeping up with cutting edge technology and innovation to the global market. We have supplied first-class service through supplying and manufacturing for the energy industry for the last few decades with IP rated optical fibre ODF’s, custom enclosures, patch cords, tap boxes, copper network, joints, PDU’s and cabinets.

Mainframe have experience in delivering products suitable for harsh environments and are fully qualified as a supplier and operate to the industry standard ISO 9001 standards in quality management processes. Our experienced in-house designers and engineers use the latest technology to assist and develop custom energy infrastructure solutions to suit your requirements for any sized onshore and offshore projects.

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