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Optical Distribution Frames

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We offer a range of Optical Distribution Frames and cabinets in a variety of footprints to suit many environments, and can supply off-the-shelf, pre-configured or custom designs to suit your precise requirements. The design of our distribution products draws on our expertise and long experience of fibre-management equipment in real-world situations leading to products that are easy to install, use and maintain.


Shown below are some examples from our range. Please contact us with your specific requirement using the link above. Should nothing from our existing range suit, we may be able to adapt an existing unit or design a new product to your specifications.


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Pivot ODF
Pivot Optical Distribution Frames

The Pivot range of ODFs is based on an ETSI footprint cabinet with a capacity of up to 1080 fibre terminations per ODF, using either 12 or 24 fibre combined splice and patch trays using most industry-standard fibre terminations.

The system is modular, allowing for cost-effective expansion, and is available with fibre management on either side of the rack allowing for sensible plant cable location and patchcord management.


Metro ODF
Metro Optical Distribution Frames

The Metro ODF was designed as a modular and compact ODF solution for Customer Connection / Co-location applications, where fibre security and high-quality fibre-management is required.


The Metro ODF comprises two sections, a splice panel and a patch panel, each with lockable Perspex doors on the front and removable, lockable protection plates at the rear.


The 4U splice panel has been designed to efficiently and securely manage ribbon or loose-tube fibres between the mass fusion-splice trays and the fibre presentation panel. The splice panel can manage up to 432 (36 x 12 fibre ribbon) fibres. Sliding trays provide controlled access for splicing.


The 4U Presentation Patch panels hold 96 fibres each, and were designed with expansion as a key feature - simply by removing a protective cover, fibre can be routed within the enclosure and is accessed via the lockable rear door.


Fibre routing is totally enclosed in the panel thus protecting the fibre circuits. This concept makes installation simple and allows expansion to be performed without causing disturbance to existing circuits.


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