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3U Optical Distribution Panel

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Our range of 3U Optical Distribution Panels includes Singlemode and Multimode panels in a wide range of connector styles, and various clamping options for a wide variety of incoming plant cables. Examples from this range appear below please contact us with your requirements, or

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3U 1509-series Optical Termination Panel

Mainframe - Fibre Optics
The 1509-Series 3U 48-port Optical Termination Panel is designed to satisfy optical fibre presentation requirements within Telecommunication room and customer connection environments.

The versatile concept makes installation simple and allows expansion to be performed without causing disturbance to existing circuits.

The use of a high quality ball-bearing runner system makes for ease of installation, termination, maintenance and expansion.

Angled port presentation takes into account the safety requirements of Class 1 laser regulations and lends itself to improved patchcord management.

The integral cable entry is uncomplicated, entering from above or below through the cable clamping system, which caters for a wide range of cable construction types and sizes. Access to the interior of the panel is obtained through a removable top cover, the rear removable panel or via the front-access sliding tray.

Expansion can be performed simply with 12-circuit expansion kits, which include all the components necessary for the installation of up to 12 additional ports.

  • Up to 48 FC, ST or SC Port Capacity
  • Singlemode or Multimode
  • Sliding Tray Access System
  • 12 way Modular Expansion Kits
  • 12-Fibre Circuit Management
  • Cable Entry Top & Bottom Both Sides

3U Pivot Distribution Panel

Mainframe - Fibre Optics
Based on the same modular trays as our Pivot ODF, the 3U pivot panel features a pivoting tray allowing for total front access during cable installation, splicing and expansion operations.

  • Up to 24 FC, ST or SC Port Capacity per tray
  • Singlemode or Multimode
  • Pivoting Tray Access System
  • Total Front Access

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