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1U & 2U Optical Distribution Panel

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We manufacture a wide range of Optical Distribution Panels (Patch Panels), from the simplest 12-port fixed 1U panel, to end-user expandable sliding-tray splice/patch panels with a wide variety of connector interfaces available from stock.

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  • Optional Singlemode or Multimode (50/125 and 62.5/125) pigtails
  • 12 to 48-way
  • Industry Standard 1U or 2U height
  • 19, 23 and ETSI mounting options
  • Fixed or sliding trays
  • Straight or angled connector interfaces
  • Optional built-in patchcord management
  • LUL Approved* variants available

Connector Types

  • FC/PC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, SC/PC, SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC, LC/APC, EC, E2000, MU and ST connectors from stock - others are available to order


  • Strict quality-control procedures to ISO9001
  • 100% optical testing
  • Individual Serial numbers and test results
  • Digital Automated Interferometer checks of fibre end-face geometry

1U/2U 990-Series Customer Termination Panels
Mainframe - Fibre Optics

The 1U and 2U 990-series of Customer Termination panels were designed with fibre cable management, protection and ease of installation and expansion as the key features. With the superior retractable sliding trays, access to the splice management area is straightforward and safe. The unit is easily field-expandable using expansion kits.

External cables are routed from the rear centre on the right side and secured in the cable clamp, ensuring that the minimum bend radius requirements are met, even where there is limited space at the back of the cabinet. A transportation tube protects the incoming fibres, ensuring safe, snag-free opening of the tray for splicing or expansion.

Bulkhead panels are angled to aid eye-safety and cable management, and a drop-down patchcord-management tray is available as an option. Most connector interfaces are available, and the unit can be supplied with 19 or optional ETSI mounting ears.

1U 2731-series Optical Distribution Panels
Mainframe - Fibre Optics

The 2731 Panel was designed as a lower-depth alternative to the 990-series panel, allowing back to back placement of panels in a 600mm deep rack, while adhering to a similar design philosophy. In addition, this unit incorporates a cable clamp arrangement that allows incoming cables to be routed to either side. The 2731 series also includes a matching storage panel.

*LUL-Approved to the following standards:

2-01001-002-A1 Fire Safety Performance of Materials
E1042A6 Fire Safety Performance of Materials
E7202A2 Environmental Requirements for Signalling Equipment
IEC-61373:1999 Railway Applications Rolling Stock Equipment Shock and Vibration
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